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Principal's Message

Principal's Message [1]

Hello Resorter Families,

 Welcome to Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah Elementary School!  As Resorters, we pride ourselves on being kind, responsible, and respectful as part of providing a school environment for all students to do their best learning. From 4K through 4th grade, our classrooms are filled with the excitement and energy that goes with interactive and engaging learning activities in all academic and social areas. As a staff, our ultimate goal is to help to develop each student’s unique learning abilities in an atmosphere that promotes social and civic pride and responsibility. Our school-wide Resorter Way behavior guidelines and incentives provide a road map for promoting positive social behaviors among all students. We understand the importance of each child being heard, respected while helping our students be open to learning about others. 


Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah Elementary offers all core academic subjects in addition to  art, music, physical education, and library-related skills. Students enjoy one-to-one learning environments with the use of Chromebooks as well as other technological devices. Students regularly receive education that is tailored to meet their individual academic and social needs. With compassion and an unmatched level of dedication, our teachers, administrators, and school counselor do everything in their power to help our students succeed in all areas of their lives. As an intimate school community, we understand that our relationships with parents and families play a critical role in our school’s success. We welcome and encourage parents as partners in our special place of learning. 


For the Resorter Way!

Dr. Jeanne Courneene